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3 Ways to Earn with 8.Finance

Check these ↓ offerings from 8.Finance, a marketing platform with a simple game.
Which way is better for you?

1️⃣ Play “Snake for Crypto” game

Start collecting crypto on the playing field in the next 5 minutes (available for web, iOS, Android).

Pros: free, 0% risk, easy, entertaining
Cons: it could take a lot of time
Tip: Join 8.Finance Telegram group so you don’t miss airdrops & tournaments, when you can grab a lot of crypto!

2️⃣ Invest in 8F token on Private Sale

This 8F token has 30 growth incentives.

Pros: The price of an 8F token can skyrocket during the next bull market and bring you a ХХХХ% ROI.
Cons: The minimum investment is $1k.
Tip: Learn how to buy 8F tokens for your gem collection

3️⃣ Become Sales Associate

Earn $100 for every partnership you initiate!

Pros: work remotely in your spare time, get a fair reward
Cons: not for lazybones

💸 How a Sales Associate earns

The plan is a simple:

  • Find a project that run active marketing campaign,
  • Contact and offer the partnership with,
  • Earn 100USDT each time an offer is accepted.
  • Repeat.

Let’s say you spend 3 hours a day to make 20 offers (copy-paste, uhh).
If 2 out of 100 offers are accepted, you will earn $200 for the week, or $1000 for the month.

Tip: Start earning as a sales associate by joining this Telegram group.

Thanks for reading, you are 👍 great!

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