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Photos Of Chris-Chan At Walmart Officially Kicks Off “Bigfoot Arc”

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Photos Of Chris-Chan At Walmart Officially Kicks Off “Bigfoot Arc”

Chris-Chan, who was recently released from prison on bond in connection to Incest Allegations, was recently found as they were shopping inside of a Walmart. Seen spotting the infamous Sonichu necklace, Chris-Chan was photographed multiple times during the shopping trip, with the photos quickly posted online to spread awareness and alert the community that has followed Chris-Chan for over a decade.

chris-chan spottedchris-chan playing cardsBush meme

The pictures of the siting, specifically the angles and low quality resolution of them, sparked the creation of the “Bigfoot Arc” as the next story in Chris-Chan’s life. Since being online, Chris-Chan’s life has been put into corresponding “Arcs” like a TV series, with the current “Arc” being seen by the Christorians (fans/followers of Chris-Chan) as the next step after the Prison Saga. This led to a lot of people posting about Chris-Chan and comparing the pictures to Bigfoot.

chris-chan bigfootChris-Chan

Not everyone was happy with the sighting, however, as there was a growing contingent of people who weren’t happy with the sustained harassment and Gangstalking of Chris-Chan, calling it out as dehumanizing and loser behavior. This also lead to pushback, as people wrestled with the allegations and Chris-Chan’s transitional status.

chris-chan defensechris-chan defensechris-chan dilemma

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