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New Challenger in the Crypto Market: Experts Favor Another Token Over Pepecoin (PEPE) for Future Growth

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New Challenger in the Crypto Market: Experts Favor Another Token Over Pepecoin (PEPE) for Future Growth


The cryptocurrency market is trying to bounce back from a long bear season. During this time, investors put money into all types of coins, looking for profit. Memecoins such as PepeCoin (PEPE) are a popular choice among top investors because of their high-yield potential.

While PepeCoin is doing well, experts are predicting another memecoin could do even better than PepeCoin. This new token, Pikamoon, could soar more than 300% even before launch, making it one of the most-sought after cryptocurrency on the market right now. 

In this article, we will examine both coins and explore why many experts are favoring Pikamoon over PEPE.

PepeCoin (PEPE): Making Meme Coins Great Again

PepeCoin is a brand new memecoin that has attracted a huge fan base in a matter of days. Launched on April 17, this frog-themed coin now has more than 219,000 followers on Twitter, and 34,000 subscribers on Telegram. PEPE has one mission:  to make memecoin great again.

In addition to its strong community, PepeCoin is also generating significant returns for investors. In less than a month after its launch, the coin has amassed a market cap of $371 million and has turned small investments into millions. One investor, for instance, converted $250 into $1 million within a matter of days!

Despite PepeCoin’s success, experts suggest that investors might want to consider investing in Pikamoon instead. With its strong utility and potential for long-term growth, Pikamoon offers a better investment opportunity for those looking to go beyond hype.

Pikamoon: Hybrid Metaverse Memecoin

Pikamoon (PIKA) is not your typical metaverse memecoin. It’s the driving force behind an RPG game, also named Pikamoon, that offers a unique experience with both offline and online modes. In the classical offline mode, players can explore the stunning world of Dreva, while battling for rewards in the online mode provides even more excitement.

But that’s not all. To ensure that the game has the best possible visuals, the Pikamoon team partnered with Unreal Engine 5, which promises to deliver the most photo-realistic experience yet.

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What’s more, the Pikamoon token (PIKA) is a deflationary token, which means that its circulating supply decreases over time. The team designed the coin this way to ensure that $PIKA’s price steadily rises as demand for the game grows. 

Given these impressive features, it’s no wonder that experts are endorsing Pikamoon over PepeCoin. As an intelligent investor, it’s wise to consider investing early in Pikamoon to reap the most benefits.


Pikamoon Presale 

Pikamoon’s presale is your chance to make more money than PepeCoin investors did during its glory days. With Pikamoon, you can make a long-term investment in a memecoin that will deliver explosive returns to your portfolio. 

Today, you can buy 1 Pikamoon for $0.0002, and be sure of a 300% return on your investment by the 3rd phase of the presale. How guaranteed is this? 1 $PIKA would be worth $0.0006 by then, which gives you an instant 3x ROI. 

Why on earth would you want to miss such an opportunity? There’s no excuse. Get into Pikamoon now.


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