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Namada’s Privacy Blockchain Proposes Unique Airdrop Strategy to Strengthen Ties with Osmosis


Namada’s Privacy Blockchain Proposes Unique Airdrop Strategy to Strengthen Ties with Osmosis

Namada's Privacy Blockchain Proposes Unique Airdrop Strategy to Strengthen Ties with Osmosis

Key Highlights

  • Namada, a new L1 blockchain platform with a focus on privacy, is actively seeking a strategic partnership with the Osmosis protocol as it approaches its mainnet launch. 
  • Namada proposed an exclusive airdrop of its upcoming NAM token exclusively for investors associated with Osmosis. 
  • The partnership between Namada and Osmosis includes plans for a grants program to support research and development projects centered around privacy enhancement.

Namada, a new L1 blockchain platform with a multi-chain privacy focus, is actively seeking to establish a strategic partnership with the Osmosis protocol. As the long-anticipated mainnet launch of Namada approaches, the team behind the project is actively pursuing a diverse range of collaborations in both technology and token spheres.

Recognizing the importance of strengthening the platform’s ecosystem in preparation for this significant milestone, Christopher Goes, one of the key visionaries behind Namada, has taken the initiative to initiate discussions for a strategic partnership with Osmosis, a prominent L1 protocol. This partnership aims to bring forth numerous opportunities and benefits.

Per the company’s bid to strengthen ties, this visionary collaboration between Namada and Osmosis seeks to breathe new life into their respective ecosystems, unlocking a multitude of advantages that will significantly benefit holders of  tokens, stakers, and liquidity providers (LPs) who are closely associated with Osmosis, and others.

Namada Plans For Exclusive Token Airdrop on the Osmosis Ecosystem

In line with their ambitious vision, an exclusive airdrop of the upcoming NAM token has been proposed exclusively for investors associated with Osmosis, further strengthening the ties between the two projects.

To reinforce the partnership, Namada’s Swiss-based nonprofit organization, the Anoma Foundation, plans to allocate a portion of Namada’s staking token, NAM, for airdrops exclusively to OSMO holders. However, the exact timing and distribution details are yet to be determined, pending approval and input from Osmosis’ vibrant community. The proposal will be subject to an OSMO governance vote, allowing community members to actively shape the future of this exciting collaboration. It’s worth noting that Namada previously proposed a similar partnership with , which also included an airdrop, in April.

Hence, as an exciting prospect of this partnership, the stakeholders of the Osmosis ecosystem would gain eligibility for the exclusive airdrop of Namada’s token in the near future, marking a remarkable milestone in the bond between the two projects.

Namada’s Grants Program for Privacy Enhancement and Collaboration with Osmosis

In addition to the benefits posed to users via the partnership, the builders of Namada have also put forth a comprehensive plan that includes the establishment of a grants program. This program is designed to provide funding for crucial software “public goods,” supporting their development and advancement.

Christopher Goes, co-founder of Namada, revealed that the grants program aims to support a diverse range of research and development projects centered around privacy enhancement. These initiatives would serve the interests of both Cosmos-based Osmosis and Namada, which is yet to be launched. While Namada is prepared to finance the program, Goes expressed optimism that Osmosis would contribute to the joint effort.

Furthermore, Namada intends to introduce a groundbreaking feature called “shielded actions” on Osmosis, which will enable users to safeguard their assets on Namada while they are not actively being traded. Goes explained that this feature will address the need for asset utility, ensuring that users can seamlessly transfer their assets to Osmosis and other decentralized exchanges across various chains.

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As the anticipation builds for Namada’s upcoming mainnet launch, these bold moves to forge partnerships and incentivize early adopters highlight the blockchain’s commitment to privacy and innovation. The proposed alliance with Osmosis and the potential airdrop offer a tantalizing glimpse into

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