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‘Demonetisation 2.0’: Rs 2000 note withdrawal sparks meme fest on Twitter

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‘Demonetisation 2.0’: Rs 2000 note withdrawal sparks meme fest on Twitter

In a significant move, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced the withdrawal of the highest-value currency notes of Rs 2000 from circulation in India. While these notes will continue to hold their status as legal tender, individuals are now being requested to deposit them in exchange for smaller denominations. 

The deadline for this exchange has been set for September 30, providing some time for people to make the necessary arrangements. The central bank’s decision to withdraw the Rs 2000 notes aims to bolster bank deposits and stimulate credit growth in the country.

The RBI’s announcement, made on Friday, has sparked a wave of reactions on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter. Users have taken to the platform to express their thoughts and opinions, and the response has been overwhelmingly funny, with a flood of humorous memes, puns, and witty movie dialogues centred around the short-lived time frame of the currency.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

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