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BitClout 2.0 Unveiled As The Future Stock Market For The Masses


BitClout 2.0 Unveiled As The Future Stock Market For The Masses

DiamondHands, a decentralized social app, has recently announced the release of Bitclout 2.0, a highly-anticipated follow-up to last year’s viral crypto phenomenon that disrupted the industry. The new version aims to introduce innovative products and features that elevate reputation to an asset class similar to NFTs.

BitClout 2.0 will launch once the DeSo blockchain transitions to the new Revolution proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The launch will feature a sophisticated airdrop, and the BitClout 2.0 white paper is available online. Interested parties can request the password by sending a direct message to BitClout on any DeSo app, such as Diamond or DeSo Chat Protocol.

Bootstrapping a stock market for people

The new version of BitClout seeks to create a stock market for individuals. BitClout 2.0 introduces Creator Coins V2, a revamped initial product version that attracted thousands of celebrities and influencers to join the platform. Creator Coins are an innovative asset class tied to an individual’s reputation, enabling them to monetize their work in previously impossible ways in Web2. The price of a Creator Coin will fluctuate based on the importance of the individual it’s associated with, so significant events in their life will affect the cost of their Creator Coin.

Creator Coins V2 are fully compatible with V1 and will be traded on DeSo DEX, the fastest on-chain order-book exchange globally. On BitClout 2.0, trading will be encouraged through a new token called BITCLOUT, which will allow users to earn fees when trading Creator Coin V2.

BitClout 2.0 has designed a sophisticated viral airdrop program inspired by BitClout 1.0 and the NFT marketplace Blur. The mechanics of the airdrop program aim to drive trading liquidity and “content liquidity” by rewarding the most active creators on the platform. Early adopters can benefit from this innovative incentive structure by participating in the airdrop scheme.

BitClout 2.0 plans to introduce a new incentive structure where creators who actively participate and engage with the community will earn BITCLOUT tokens through airdrops. This innovative system aims to encourage active engagement and foster a thriving community. Those interested in participating in the BITCLOUT airdrop should familiarize themselves with DeSo apps such as Diamond, Openfund, Desofy, or DeSocialWorld, among others listed on DeSo, before the launch.

BitClout 2.0 will be constructed using the Decentralized Social Blockchain (DeSo) since it can handle the storage and indexing needs of a decentralized social network like BitClout 2.0. DeSo’s exceptional content storage expenses allow apps to expand beyond DeFi to storage-intensive social applications, among other things.

Final Thoughts 

The release of BitClout 2.0 on the DeSo blockchain marks a significant milestone in the development of a decentralized stock market for individuals. With the introduction of Creator Coins V2 and the innovative use of reputation as an asset class, BitClout 2.0 seeks to empower creators and influencers by enabling them to monetize their work in unprecedented ways. By encouraging trading through the new BITCLOUT token and utilizing the fast DeSo DEX exchange, BitClout 2.0 aims to provide a seamless user experience and create a vibrant community of creators and traders.

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