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Trump is now Biden’s favorite 2024 foe — is Alvin Bragg making it so?

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Trump is now Biden’s favorite 2024 foe — is Alvin Bragg making it so?

We live in a golden age of conspiracy theories, most of which should be taken lightly. 

The Mossad killed Jeffrey Epstein in his prison cell — where he was left alone for days on end to ponder his fate as a child abuser?

Not likely.

The meme stock AMC, losing money and preparing the mother of all dilutions, is being manipulated down by a cabal of evil hedge funds?

Sorry, but AMC shares don’t need help falling. 

Over last weekend, however, some interesting chatter began to spread in the run-up to Manhattan DA’s Alvin Bragg indictment of Donald Trump, our former president who is running once again: The indictment is a plot by a partisan Democratic prosecutor to get Joe Biden re-elected in 2024.

Again — I don’t put much weight into conspiracy theories, but this one deserves some attention.

Big GOP donors want fresh blood at the top of the ticket.

Trump’s failure in 2020, the failure of most of his handpicked candidates since and his noxious behavior (Jan. 6 and a lot more before and after) turns off most voters except the GOP base.

They think everyone — anyone — on the GOP side can beat Sleepy Joe in 2024 except Trump: Can you imagine Biden trying to worm his way out of his bungling of the border, the Afghanistan withdrawal, and “transitory inflation” against someone as sharp as Ron DeSantis?

Unlike Trump, the Florida governor is self-aware enough to allow Biden to stumble his way to defeat on the debate stage. 

Most of the smart people in Democratic Party agree that Biden is vulnerable against anyone except the dude in the news lately.

That’s why one major GOP donor and government-affairs exec at a big financial firm I spoke to believes “Bragg and the Dems are doing this to make Trump win” the GOP nomination.

Joe Biden
Polls show Joe Biden triumphing again in a 2024 matchup against Trump.
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Rally ’round Ron

And he’s not alone, according to other conversations with Republican contributors in recent days. Yes, the big money is still trying to rally around DeSantis because they so desperately want to win the presidency, the House and the Senate in 2024, which they feel will be goners if Trump is the nominee.

But they’re seeing their best shot at winning slip away. By last Wednesday, after the spectacle of Trump’s indictment and Bragg’s own unconvincing explanation of it, their panic really set in: Base voters began flocking to Trump with donations, and if you believe the polls, their support is making him the clear front-runner for the nomination.

As for the wider electorate: The same polls show an exhaustion with Trump, the desire for fresh blood at the top of both tickets, which is why the Biden people are weaponizing Bragg to make Trump the GOP nominee, donors tell me.

Not that Trump cares that he’s setting up himself and the party for big losses in 2024. His nascent presidential run is already a self-centered, score-keeping exercise.

Yes, he looked grim in the courtroom for his arraignment Tuesday, but if you know him, you also know he’s loving the attention because it pushes DeSantis and other plausible challengers out of the news cycle for the foreseeable future.

Alvin Bragg
Alvin Bragg has been accused of a politically-motivated case against Trump.

‘Turn ’em loose’ Bragg

It may help secure him the nomination, but little else.

This is not to say that base voters don’t have good reason to be angry. Alvin Bragg is singularly the least credible prosecutor in the country to bring this case.

He’s an affirmed anti-law enforcement, George Soros-backed zealot.

He lets felons walk the streets of Manhattan to terrorize hardworking New Yorkers in the name of “social justice.” 

Recall how last year we chronicled the city business community’s anger at his policy that turned a blind eye to prosecuting violent crimes; average people working in the financial sector taking the subways were murdered, randomly.

Subway crime stats haven’t gotten much better since, thanks to Bragg.

As for his Trump indictment, it’s a dopey case unless your motive is something other than justice: A mere $130,000 in hush money that Trump allegedly paid years ago to a porn star to keep a tryst quiet isn’t a crime worth decades in prison, much less Bragg’s perverted felony charges.

Again take this conspiracy theory seriously. Notice, there’s not much talk in the media about Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley or Mike Pompeo in the days following Bragg’s Trump gambit.

It’s just the way Trump likes it.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump has seen a surge in donations and polling following his indictment.

Ditto for Alvin Bragg and Sleepy Joe Biden.

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