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MEGAVRSE opens 8 portals


MEGAVRSE opens 8 portals – is a new virtual reality project that is limited only by the imagination of the users. Now 8 portals of different themes are available, where you can work, play, trade, create characters and develop your own worlds. 

Moreover, by diving into MEGAVRSE you can earn $MEGA – this token has the potential to grow significantly in value on bull market, which seems to just start. 

Make your fantasies come true with the MEGAVRSE project – have fun and profitably spend your time. Right now, MEGAVRSE is giving away almost 4 ETH prizes to new users. 

To participate in the giveaway – you should complete some simple tasks (e.g., subscribe to the Telegram page), it will only take you a few minutes. Start completing the tasks by clicking this link.

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