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Hong Kong with a New $100M Crypto Fund as Emerges as a Web3 Crypto Startup

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Hong Kong with a New $100M Crypto Fund as Emerges as a Web3 Crypto Startup


In October of 2022, Hong Kong made it clear that it wanted in on the global cryptocurrency growth as a potential new hub. The securities regulators of Hong Kong want to allow investors to use digital assets to invest and are reconsidering the city’s stance on crypto regulation and trading requirements.

China has made it clear that they want to ban crypto with their blanket crypto ban in mainland China. Hong Kong, however, has taken the opposite stance as it is a city and a special administration region of China.

On February 20th, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission released a proposal for the licensing of cryptocurrency exchanges which is set to take effect in June. The policy suggests mandatory licensing prerequisites which include safe custody of assets, anti-money laundering, along with anti-terrorism regulations. The proposal once live may create a new home for Bitcoin.

ProDigital Future Funding

The ProDigital Future fund is led by Ben Ng and Curt Shi. Ben Ng is a partner at SAIF Partners China, which is a Hong Kong-based equity fund. Curt Shi is a private investor who is known for investing in technology companies in China. The fund has managed to secure $30 million in funding commitment for its $100 million goal which they hope to accomplish.

The fund will focus on supporting startup Web3-based companies in the regional market. The fund also intends to be present in Australia and Singapore, Europe, and the United States. The fund has already invested in metaverse-based projects and companies such as GigaSpace and One Future Football.

The fundraising for the fund has gone smoothly with Sunwah Kingsway Capital Holdings and Golin International GroupSunwah participating. However, whenever crypto is involved donors are concerned due to the market volatility of cryptocurrencies., a Web3 Cryptocurrency is a promising Web3-based project that is currently in its startup phase. The company outlines a unique approach to crypto investment where the only requirement is an email address which breaks your traditional market trends.

Most other new cryptos would instead have you purchase and invest in their presales whereas wants you to invest your email address.

The whitepaper outlines a unique approach to crypto adoption by rewarding early adopters with a notification once the crypto project goes live as it reaches 1 million email subscribers.

The project aims to solve the issues of token distribution and adoption by incentivizing users to share and promote the project through their email networks. understands the importance of community and has chosen to not raise funding. Instead, will place its success and failure into the hands of the community.

It’s clear that someone within the organization understands that the key to success is not funding or the evaluation of the crypto; instead it is the user base, popularity, and reach of the crypto.

For many, is exactly the opportunity that they have been waiting for, so why wait? Head over to and register your email address today. This may be that email that helps to turn you into a millionaire.

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