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Could DigiToads (TOADS) Become The Biggest Crypto Project Of 2023 And Surpass Aptos (APT) And Gmx (GMX)? – CryptoMode

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Could DigiToads (TOADS) Become The Biggest Crypto Project Of 2023 And Surpass Aptos (APT) And Gmx (GMX)? – CryptoMode

The cryptocurrency market has seen a whirlwind of new projects launched in the recent past. While many of them failed to impress users, others like DigiToads have made a splash in the market even though they are still in the presale stage. The Ethereum-based crypto project amalgamates a meme coin and a Web 3.0 game to give users a dynamic ecosystem where they could not only enhance their passive incomes but also think of their long-term earnings. In fact, given the popularity of DigiToads, many Aptos and Gmx users have switched sides. Let’s decode what is driving the popularity of this top coin.

DigiToads is emerging as the new star of the Cryptoverse

DigiToads has been designed as a hybrid model that balances the functionality of a meme coin with the profitability of a Web 3.0 game. Not only this, users can look forward to participating and earning residual incomes by staking NFTs, giveaways, winning prizes, and potentially earning huge gains by simply holding tokens for the long term. It has been included in the list of best new ICOs by several analysts.

To get the wheels moving on this project, the DigiToads team has released a native token called TOAD which is available on presale. With two presale stages complete, the new ICO has seven more stages to complete. The team is fully doxxed and a large number of tokens have been set aside for the presale to prevent any rug pull events.

One of the most exciting opportunities that the team would be offering users would be through its trading competitions. Users can look forward to earning lucrative rewards by just trading tokens. The user who has the highest trading volumes in a month gets picked up as the winner and is rewarded with a Platinum Toad prize. There will be 12 such competitions organized throughout the year which means that there will be as many Platinum Toads available. A key aspect of these Platinum Toads is that they grant remote access to 1/12th of the treasury to the winner. So, at the end of the year, all 12 Platinum Toad holders will be remotely managing DigiToads’ treasury. The move has a two-fold advantage — firstly the winners would ensure that the platform gets high trade volume each day. Next, the treasury will be managed by the most skilled traders of the DigiToads community. Moreover, over time the DigiToads team will be training these traders, so they can do their best. Lastly, all Platinum Toad winners will receive 10% of the profits they earned for the platform.

If you still need more reasons to decide what crypto should I buy, consider this: all TOAD token holders will get monthly rewards which will be airdropped to their accounts.

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Aptos announces an upgraded version of the Layer 1 blockchain

Aptos is among the top altcoins that many analysts have lauded for its cutting-edge features. It is a Layer 1 blockchain that works for boosting Web 3.0 adoption and enabling developers to build dApps with security tools. Its native token is APT and is used for all kinds of transactional use cases. Much before its main net was launched, Aptos had been making waves with its unique model that even drew investments from Binance, Tiger Global, and many other A-listers. In a recent development, Aptos announced that it will be rolling out an updated version of its L1 blockchain which would come with not just enhanced security but also lower costs.

Analysts feel Gmx is likely to stay in the bullish zone

Gmx is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that ensures trades with zero price impact and affordable swap fees. The platform maintains a multi-asset pool that rewards liquidity providers with fees. Plus, it comes with a dynamic pricing feature that is supported by Chainlink Oracles. Its native token GMX is the main crypto coin on the network. One can easily switch positions on Gmx through its swap interface. Users can seamlessly swap into a desired position from any asset. The platform also supplies its users with an aggregate of high-price feeds that can alert them about when liquidations might happen. These timely alerts shield positions from any temporary wicks. Despite a dip in its popularity due to the onslaught of new projects, analysts claim that they are largely bullish on the GMX token over the coming months as whales have started accumulating the coin in huge quantities.

What are analysts saying about DigiToads?

DigiToads fits the bill perfectly if you are looking to learn all about cryptocurrency trading for beginners. It gives you the leeway to explore multiple options for earning passive income. Even if you are invested in other coins, DigiToads is still worth adding to your portfolio. As far as the potential for returns, DigiToads doesn’t disappoint. Cryptocurrency analysts who have reviewed the TOAD token believe that it can potentially outperform top altcoins like Aptos and Gmx with an economic model that supports sustained growth.

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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