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7 Best Crypto Coins for Beginners to Buy in April 2023

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7 Best Crypto Coins for Beginners to Buy in April 2023


While there are many opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, some of us might need a little push to fully realise the potential of these digital assets. So, rather than diving straight in, analysts suggest rookie crypto users take baby steps first. To help anyone who is ready to take baby steps or may have already started here is a quick dive into the best beginner cryptocurrency to buy.

In the current market scenario, there are several options some are new hidden gems like DigiToads. Built on the Ethereum network, DigiToads is a meme token that combines multiple crypto models to give its users a multitude of opportunities to earn residual incomes and becomes financially empowered with DeFi tools. Some have called DigiToads the next Dogecoin due to its high growth potential. While many beginners would have heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Binance’ BNB we have decided to go for a few less obvious choices beginners could buy.

Here is a list of the best crypto coins that can not only teach you the basics of cryptoverse but can also help you gain potentially long-term returns.

1. DigiToads: DeFi at its best

DigiToads is a top crypto to invest in that caters to the needs of both rookies as well as experienced crypto users with ease. With DigiToads, you can look forward to the utility that a meme coin brings, the versatility of a blockchain-based game, and the comfort of a staking mechanism. You choose between trading tokens, participating in play-to-earn games, entering giveaways, earning rewards, and staking NFTs to generate a long-term source of passive income.

Before you start exploring any of these opportunities, you would first need to get your hands on the platform’s native token TOADS. The TOADS token is the key crypto coin on the network and has a total available supply of 585 million. The team would be making the tokens available on presale in a 10-phase process. The team is moving fast to close its fourth currency phase – Lillypad 4 – and has attracted many buyers during the past three presale stages, each of which sold out ahead of schedule.

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As a cryptocurrency ico, the team has kept things simple as far as buying the tokens is concerned. Buyers can use any of the leading altcoins to buy the TOADS token. Also, you can choose between Moonpay, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet while selecting a Web 3.0 wallet for holding your tokens. In addition, as these tokens don’t have a vesting period, one can access the TOADS token as soon as the transaction is complete. Of the total supply, around 69.2% of the TOADS token will be reserved for presale stages and giving out bonuses and rewards to community members. The provision for rewards and bonuses will not only incentivize users’ participation but also reduce the chances of rug-pulls.

The team’s plans include donating 2.5% of the annual profits to organizations that work for conserving rainforests globally and replanting trees. The organizations that would receive these charitable donations would be selected by the community members.

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2. Sui: The best tool to build on-chain assets

Sui is among the best crypto for beginners in today’s market. It has been designed as a niche Layer 1 blockchain that enables its users to deploy secure and scalable on-chain assets. Its native token is SUI which is used for various transactional purposes like paying the gas fee or rewarding the validators for securing the network. Plus, users don’t have to worry about any spikes in fees even when the demand surges as the platform ensures horizontal scaling. At the same time, by processing transactions parallelly, Sui paves the way for even simple exchanges like that of assets to be finalized in real-time and with an enhanced level of security. An important feature of the Sui blockchain is that its object-centric data model enables users to store their assets outside smart contracts and on the chain.

3. Sango: Central African Republic’s Tryst with Cryptocurrencies

Sango is the national digital currency rolled out by the Central African Republic. The coin which makes for a great cryptocurrency for beginners has several benefits tied to it. For instance, users can obtain citizenship in the CAR by locking Sango tokens. One can lock Sango tokens worth $60,000 for a five-year period to obtain citizenship. Another important use that makes Sango a good crypto to buy, is that the country’s government allows its holders to own land with it. In an attempt to decentralize ownership of land across the region, the Central African Republic allows one to lock Sango coins worth $10,000 for 10 years. After a decade, the crypto coins are returned to the owners. Built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, Sango will be part of the Central African Republic’s efforts to roll out next-generation digital infrastructure to boost its government services, while encouraging people to create solutions in the metaverse.       

4. Magic Blocks: Leveraging open-source GameFi algorithms

Magic Blocks is an open-source platform that has been designed as an algorithmic GameFi network.  Joining the league of new altcoins With proprietary mechanics, Magic Blocks has been released by Zogi Labs. Its native token is MBLK and is the key in-game crypto coin. You need the token to participate in Magic Blocks’ famous game ‘Legends of Bezogia’. These tokens can also be used for staking assets and then participating in other DeFi protocols. Even though the project is in the presale stage, the Magic Blocks team would be announcing giveaways to keep the participants motivated. The team would be giving away a total of $100,000 to an MBLK Token holder. To be eligible for the giveaway, users would need to hold at least 2,000 MBLK coins. Users can also compete in additional contests to boost their chances of winning.

Powered by the Ethereum network, Magic Blocks has designed its tokenomics to ensure that demand is always stronger than the supply available at a particular period of time. The team sold around 13% of the total tokens during its fundraising rounds.

5. LimeWire: Building a creative economy with blockchain

LimeWire is a decentralized platform for artists including podcasters, graphic designers, musicians, and videographers to explore the potential of blockchain and earn rich rewards for the services offered to them. LimeWire is among the new alt coins that give rookie crypto users unique ways to capitalize on the utility of DeFi tools. For starters, the platform helps content creators to own a portion of their content at NFTs. The creators will be earning a royalty every time their work is bought, sold, or traded among the community members. Its native token is called LMWR and with LimeWire, users can look forward to earning recurring revenue via subscriptions. They can offer their fans on LimeWire an option to make monthly subscription payments. Another opportunity that users can get with LimeWire is by connecting with their fans. Users can cash in on the unique interactions they have with their fans or collectors and allow them to get in touch with them directly. This would help them build a thriving community of fans and ramp up the reach of their talent.

6. Tectum: Scaling with new blockchain tools

Tectum is a blockchain network powered by SoftNote that is a niche Layer 2 scaling solution for cryptocurrencies. Tectum is among the new alt coins that have been garnering a lot of attention because of its high speed and agile architecture. The blockchain can process up to 1 million transactions in a second and deliver instant updates about ownership and status. Coming Softnote which serves as the backbone of the decentralized network, the tool is a cutting-edge transactionless payments system and adds to the capabilities of the network. With Tectum’s crypto wallet, users can easily transfer and convert multiple cryptocurrencies while paying a nominal fee. Its native token is called TET and is available on presale. The platform shields its users’ interests and privacy by using an authentication system that serves as a scalable and safe solution for digital users.

7. Belobaba: Multi-tier NFTs to mint gains

Considered among the top crypto coins to have been launched this year, the Belobaba-backed BITBCN token provides users with a multi-tier network where users can not only participate as peer-to-peer nodes in a DAO ecosystem but also stake NFTs. These tokens have been developed as utility tokens that are powered by the Binance Smart Chai. By minting the tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, the Belobaba team has ensured that there is greater liquidity at lower costs at all times on the network. Under the multi-layered setup, users can participate in any of the five levels – 0 to 4 – by holding a minimal quantum of tokens to classify as managers. Each tier has a different minimum level. In addition, they would also have to purchase limited-series NFTs as required by their desired level. There are four kinds of NFTs available on the network representing different levels of seniority.

Why should DigiToads be on your list of top cryptos to invest in?

DigiToads has achieved stellar success in a short span of time but the appreciation that it has received is largely due to its diverse features. The beginner cryptocurrency has received glowing reviews from many crypto analysts who feel that the TOADS token has a long way to go and could register King sized gains in the long term. What tops its list of benefits is the fact that users get to choose from multiple opportunities to earn passive income. Another factor that has fetched DigiToads brownie points from analysts is its community-centric focus. The team plans on encouraging users to participate by incentivizing their efforts and giving them rewards. For example, if you hold TOADS tokens, you will be eligible for monthly rewards. These rewards would be financed by a prize pool that would be made up of 10% of the annual profits earned by the projects. Over time, analysts feel that the TOADS token even has the potential to earn 50x returns.

While investing in the latest ico projects can be a good way to ensure a steady potential rise in profits in the long term, it is also important to remember that beginner users must also look to diversify in order to minimise risk.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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