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Blockchain Strategy Game, Medieval Empires Announces Early Access Game Release

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Blockchain Strategy Game, Medieval Empires Announces Early Access Game Release

Blockchain Strategy Game, Medieval Empires Announces Early Access Game Release
(Photo : Blockchain Strategy Game, Medieval Empires Announces Early Access Game Release)

Medieval Empires-a mid-core blockchain-based strategy game set in the 13th Century, has, in a recent press release, announced early access to its intuitive, entertaining, and immersive Web3 strategy game. Featuring award-winning Turkish actor, Engin Altan Düzyatan as historical Turkish warrior Ertugrul Ghazi, the game release is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29, 2023, and is exclusively available only for Medieval Empires Land NFT owners in this iteration. 

Medieval Empires Early Access Game Release 

While playing the early release version of the game, the Land NFT owners will enjoy exclusive access to the gaming experience, exploring the three game modes-the Town View, the World Map, and the Province Map. 

Excited about the game and the early access release scheduled for later this month, Assad Dar, CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) and co-founder of Medieval Empires described this significant milestone as a giant step towards bringing the full version to highly anticipated community members. 

“The release of this early access version of the game is just another step in the journey ahead as we are geared towards bringing the full game to our community. The past year has been an exciting road for Medieval Empires as we have achieved many significant milestones, and we are excited to share our game with the world,” Assad Dar says. 

The early access game release, as revealed by the Executive Producer, will assist the team gather valuable information and feedback about the product and user experience from community members. The gathered feedback will guarantee game improvements and enhancements and will further increase the overall experience. The early access version will be released on desktop devices only. However, the full game will be compatible with numerous devices and operating systems. 

The Medieval Empires Gameplay 

Set in the 13th Century, Medieval Empires is a play-and-own multiple-player blockchain-based midcore strategy game. The game features Engin Altan Düzyatan as Ertugrul Ghazi who clashes with the Crusader forces in this iteration of the game. The players will engage in various immersive and fascinating PvE battles, and explore, discover, and dominate new regions, with more immersive and PvP experience to follow in the later versions of the game.

Medieval Empires also launched a utility token, $MEE. And with this token players can own a piece of the game’s ecosystem. 

You can be an early access player of the Medieval Empires game by buying one of the Land NFTs on OpenSea. Learn more about this historic, rewarding, and immersive game here. 

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