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Arbitrum Airdrop: How to claim your free $ARB token?


Arbitrum Airdrop: How to claim your free $ARB token?

Arbitrum, Ethereum’s layer 2 scaling solution, has confirmed the launch of its latest token, ARB. The Arbitrum Foundation revealed that the tokens would be distributed to community members via Arbitrum airdrop, and that token claims would initiate on March 23. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

Arbitrum will airdrop the ARB token on March 23rd

To participate in the $ARB airdrop, there are specific requirements that must be met to determine eligibility. The distribution of the airdrop will also follow certain guidelines and procedures that will be communicated to participants in advance.

The token distribution for the airdrop was based on a points system centered primarily on Arbitrum One. However, only a few requirements were tied to Arbitrum Nova activity. 

Users who earned points on Arbitrum Nova had the alternative of expanding their total points to a maximum of four or getting paid an additional point if they had earlier managed to earn four or more points on Arbitrum One. 

Only one point was granted for each qualifying action, with a maximum of 15 points given to each participant. Let’s take a look at the documentation the team released, outlining the criteria that determine which users are eligible.

  • It is worth noting that the airdrop is scheduled for March 23rd, but users can already verify their eligibility and view their entitlement to ARB tokens. 
  • The allocation of tokens for each user is based on a point system, where a minimum of three points is required to qualify, and the maximum point limit is set at 15. 
  • Users can earn points by performing various actions such as bridging funds to Arbitrum One and conducting transactions. 
  • The maximum number of tokens that can be allocated to a single address is 10,200. 
  • The ARB token has a total initial supply cap of 10 billion, with 11.62% of the supply (1.162 billion tokens) allocated for the airdrop and 1.13% designated for DAOs that contributed to the development of applications on Arbitrum. 
  • The number of tokens a user will receive will depend on the number of points earned through qualifying actions, with a maximum limit of 10,200 tokens per wallet.
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 Arbitrum Airdrop: How to Claim the ARB token?