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With Crypto Hacks Making Headlines, Companies Like Metacade Can Learn Valuable Lessons

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With Crypto Hacks Making Headlines, Companies Like Metacade Can Learn Valuable Lessons

Cryptocurrencies were severely hindered in 2022 with a stream of negative headlines exposing collapses and bankruptcies of crypto market big hitters, such as FTX, and several incidents of hacking wiping billions from the value of currencies across the board. A recent report by CoinTelegraph reported that the ten largest crypto hacks alone cost the industry $2.1 billion in lost value in 2022.

Crypto hacks are bad news for the wider industry, hitting investor confidence and raising doubts about the security of their investments. Brand new crypto projects such as Metacade are well-placed to learn valuable lessons, taking steps to assure investors that its native MCADE token is a safe investment. These lessons go a long way to making Metacade one of the hottest new blockchain projects in the crypto world.

Metacade is a brand-new blockchain gaming platform aiming to offer gamers the GameFi market’s leading selection of play-to-earn (P2E) video game titles under one roof. Their virtual video game arcade will become the metaverse’s one-stop shop for gaming enthusiasts to gather and socialize with like-minded individuals while driving innovation in the wider GameFi industry forward.

While P2E constitutes the primary attraction for gaming fans, the platform offers several additional opportunities for GameFi enthusiasts to earn passive income. One of the schemes is their Create2Earn initiative, where users gain crypto rewards for social interactions with the community and hub members. For example, anyone participating in a live chat, sharing alpha, providing other gamers tips, or writing game reviews stands to earn.

Other opportunities to earn come from the Compete2Earn scheme, which allows users to stake MCADE tokens to enter regular prize draws and compete in online tournaments against other community members. Winners stand to earn potentially lucrative prizes and rewards. Meanwhile, Metacade’s Work2Earn scheme, due to launch in Q1 2024, looks set to become a career-finding initiative in the GameFi space.

Metacade is underpinned by the MCADE token, which fuels every aspect of the platform. Several internal and external sources generate revenue. Internally, members’ stakes made as part of the Compete2Earn initiative are reinvested in the platform. Meanwhile, external funding is secured through external advertising, income from companies paying Metacade to release their games, and Web3 firms to post job opportunities on the hub’s job board.

This contributes to Metacade’s self-sufficient ecosystem, with funds flowing seamlessly into the platform’s secure multi-signatory treasury wallet for redistribution to users in the form of crypto rewards and new gaming developers in the form of one of Metacade’s exciting and ground-breaking programs, Metagrants.

Metagrants is a scheme that supports creativity and innovation in the GameFi sector by providing fledgling game developers with funding to help them create new exclusive titles for Metacade. Developers can submit ideas for new games, which are collected into a pool, and presented to the community, who vote for their favorites.

Those that get approval gain funding and go into development, providing benefits to the community, individuals, and the wider GameFi industry. New developers receive essential work experience that will stand them in good stead to take their next career steps toward a full-time Web3 position as part of the Work2Earn scheme. This will, in turn, fuel innovation in the overall GameFi industry. Meanwhile, the Metacade community benefits from seeing the games they want to play go into production.

As well as the multi-signatory wallet, which requires approval from multiple key holders to authorize any transactions from Metacade’s treasury, the team has undergone extraordinary lengths to assure people that they’ve made safe investments.

The team’s identity and the platform’s code have been audited by CertiK, verifying the project team’s makeup and providing assurance that the code is secure and accurate. This process, allied with the agile nature of the team, allows them to react quickly to mitigate any quality impairments on potential security breaches.

This level of detail, time, and effort show that Metacade has learned lessons from previous crypto hacks and applied them to ensure that everyone that purchases MCADE tokens does so with the reassurance that they are making a safe investment.

Why buy MCADE?

With Metacade taking every precaution to ensure the security of investors’ holdings, providing a compelling argument for investment in MCADE tokens, further evidence of the potential wisdom of investing in this new metaverse gaming platform can be gained in the form of the momentum gathering during the MCADE coin presale.

The initial presale phases sold out in within weeks, raising over $3.9m million in the process. Since then, word of mouth has seen interest in MCADE continue to grow. Tokens are still available in the presale, and the current price of $0.012 will increase to $0.02 by the conclusion of the ninth and final presale stage.

Predictions are that the demand for MCADE tokens will surge once the coin hits exchanges and becomes public knowledge. With the project’s rich roadmap leading to an eventual transition into a fully-fledged DAO, there is significant long-term value to be gained for early investors who take the plunge now.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

Disclaimer: Insights provided by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of BanklessTimes.

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