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Top 3 Ways To Generate Email Leads For Your Crypto Project in 2023


Top 3 Ways To Generate Email Leads For Your Crypto Project in 2023

It is often said that marketing is the illuminating factor of any organization; a brand remains in the dark until an effective marketing strategy shines the light and gets you closer to your audience.

There are about a dozen marketing strategies, of which email marketing offers a unique approach via cordiality. Unlike social media or blog posts that could appear generic, an email feels like a personal message sent between acquaintances; hence, it brings brands closer to customers.

Data from suggests that 99% of people check their emails every day; in fact, some check their emails as much as 20 times a day, and 58% of people check their emails first before getting out of bed, even more than social media or the news.

Also, according to Oberlo, Email ROI is incredibly strong, at 4,200%, which means that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you get $42 in return. Hence, the importance of email marketing cannot be overestimated, and if you haven’t incorporated it into your marketing strategy yet, this article is just right for you.

What is Email Lead Generation? Why is it Important For Your Crypto Project Campaign?

The most important and challenging part of email marketing is lead generation. Lead generation is the process of getting email contact information from your target audience in exchange for value.

Several crypto projects exist, each with a Unique Value Proposition (UVP); for example, many new coins are bootstrapped via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that enables many people to invest in the project before it launches, giving them the opportunity to benefit massively as early investors. Similarly, some NFT projects are launched via a pre-mint, where people apply for whitelist spots to get early access.

Although several people invest in several projects, many of them have a purpose for making a choice out of the hundreds of options out there in the crypto space; hence, to effectively get the best returns from marketing, you must first have a UVP to filter your target audience from the general internet populace.

For example, a new coin looking to launch via an ICO may present a Unique Value Proposition that holders of the new coin would:

  • Automatically qualify for airdrops.
  • Get a free debit card for crypto transactions.
  • Be able to spend the tokens at a physical commerce store and get spending rewards etc.

Of course, people who are interested in this value proposition would gladly participate in the project; however, excellent marketing practices require you, as a project owner or marketer, to convert a prospect into a lead.

Who is an Email Lead?

An email lead is a person who has shared their contact information as a show of interest in your project. At that point, they are no longer prospects but “leads” who are more likely to take the needed action.

A project can keep in touch directly with leads more cordially than prospects via email outreach, unlike prospects who may have only been aware of the project via blogs or social media; by directly keeping them as leads, a reminder of critical dates and needed actions can be passed, such that the audience won’t forget about the project.

Keeping your prospects hooked enough to get their personal contact information is done via a lead magnet. As you know, a magnet attracts metals; similarly, a lead magnet is a free item or service used to draw prospects closer and get them to drop their email information.

Best Lead Magnets For A Crypto Project

The secret to an effective lead magnet is to give out something valuable which would otherwise cost money to have. Hence, when your prospects are aware of the amount of value you intend to give away for free, it catches their attention, and they are more likely to submit their email contact information.

1. Airdrops

One of the best ways to get email leads for your project is by offering airdrop rewards. Airdrops are free tokens that are given to early supporters of a crypto project as a reward. For example, when trying to get people to opt-in for an ICO presale, promising them that they could win free tokens as project supporters even if they don’t participate in the presale is a great way to get email sign-ups.

Eventually, since they are interested in the project idea, getting more emails about the project could trigger them to participate in the ICO.

2. Free NFT Giveaways

An NFT project launching could also promise to giveaway some NFTs as a catch to get email sign-ups. Say, a collectible NFT project launching 1,000 unique NFTs could promise to give out 5, similar to airdrops. However, unlike airdrops that could be used to reward hundreds or thousands of people at a time at no cost, these NFT giveaways could require the chosen winners to mint it for a gas fee (paid to the network) – this kind of giveaway is also called a “free mint” whitelist.

A chance to get the NFT they want for free could convert skeptical prospects to signing up via email; hence, even if they don’t eventually get the giveaway, consistent communication could convince them to invest money in the project.

3. Whitelist Spots

Whitelists, otherwise called allowlists, are a set of people who are given exclusive access to a particular privilege. For example, ICO whitelist spots could be given out to some people to buy coins at a lower price before others in the presale; similarly, NFT whitelists could be given to people to mint NFTs at a lower price than the general public.

The benefits of getting in early into promising projects cannot be overemphasized; hence, whitelist spots are highly coveted, so promising your prospects a slight chance to get whitelisted could speed them up in submitting their email address.

These methods above help you generate a quality email list, not just quantity. You are assured that everyone on your email list is interested in your project, and your emails won’t appear spammy to them.

Hence, we can say that the right UVP will guarantee you prospects, and the right lead magnet will guarantee you leads for a quality email list.

Getting Email Opt-Ins Via The Cwallet Giveaway Tool

The Cwallet giveaway tool allows you to easily get email opt-ins while giving away valuable tokens and whitelist spots for free. The biggest advantage of the Cwallet Giveaway tool is that apart from helping you gather an email list from your prospects, it also helps you to gather additional email sign-ups by leveraging social media via a task-based reward system.

Hence, you can gather email opt-ins by promising them airdrops, whitelist spots, and other giveaways by asking them to complete simple tasks such as liking a post on Facebook, retweeting on Twitter, following an Instagram account, etc.

Cwallet Giveaway Create Page

In addition to the email lists gathered, you get free social media marketing, where other prospects will become aware of your crypto project and sign up via email. Of course, the new prospects also want to get the rewards, so the loop continues, and everyone who wants a bite of the freebie ends up on your email list.

Sending Personalized Emails To Your Leads Via Your Newly Generated Email List

You should never forget that the goal of gathering these emails is to develop cordiality with your leads, which is made easier with an email list.

At the end of the giveaway period, when the draw has been made and winners have been selected, the Cwallet Giveaway tool allows you to download a copy of the results, which includes the entire email list and their first names, so you can download in .csv format as shown below.

With this list, you can send bulk periodical emails FOR FREE via Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, or other email marketing platform(s) of your choice.

Outlook, Gmail, and many other email marketing platforms will allow you to import your .csv, include the first names and email addresses of your leads, and in a few clicks, you can send personalized emails to stay in touch and maintain a cordial relationship with your leads.

Final Takeaway

The importance of a quality email list that consists of people who are interested in your offer cannot be over-emphasized. According to, 45% of all emails, most commonly advert-related ones, are spammy; however, a quality email list helps to ensure that your emails do not get tossed into the bin or spam box.

So, instead of buying email lists and spamming people without a defined target audience, why not do it the easy way? Sign up on Cwallet and use the embedded Giveaway tool to build a quality email list for your crypto project FOR FREE!

Don’t delay! Discover your Unique Value Proposition today, and ease your lead generation process with the Cwallet giveaway tool. Learn more.

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