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Shiba Inu Airdrop Scam Dranning Wallets of Reddit Users –


Shiba Inu Airdrop Scam Dranning Wallets of Reddit Users –

The Shiba Inu airdrop scam, a new fund demanded from Reddit users, is actually draining wallets. This fraud action was twit widely, and several users try to spread it worldwide to save Reddit users from the scam. What is the Shiba Inu funds scam? How can you evade your crypto wallet from these scammers? To know everything read here and be aware.

What is Sneaky Shiba Inu Scam?

 The Ethereum blockchain created in 2020 is known as Shiba Inu. Its father has not opened his identity, but you can call him “Ryoshi.” Even if this is a mystery yet that it was prepared by a group or an individual person. The main intention behind the Shibu Inu is to create a “Dogecoin killer.” Although it Is like a jock. The ecosystem of Shiba has three different tokens SHIB, LEASH, and BONE. Whereas LEASH has only 107,000 tokens, and BONE has a wide collection of tokens nearly 250,000,000.

If we collect all tokes then it has around trillions of Shiba Inu tokens in its collection. Vitalik Buterin gets half of its coin, but later he burns them mostly and donates the remaining.  

Shiba Inu Airdop Scam
Shiba Inu Airdrop Scam Draining Wallets of Reddit Users

Reddit users from 26 January 2022, warn other users about a new scam that is taking place recently in form of a Shibu Inu airdrop. One user wrote, “There are reports if you actually click on the link it will try connecting your wallet”, and that “YOU WILL LOSE IT ALL” if the connection is made. Another Reddit user stated,  “Tens of thousands of bots are involved” in the scam, and then confirmed, “the link wants you to connect your wallet.”

All the scams which are joined with crypto wallets are normally common and can rob your money in seconds. Several users tells that they were tagged in a post, and now start tagging three other fallows so that this news spread rapidly. Some mention that the scammers made happy the users by framing their names if they promote their links. A tweet from Ringoshi Tōitsu about Shib calculation

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How Can you Evade your Crypto Wallet from these Scammers?

The crypto market is at its high peak from 2022 but regularly scammers targeting it to get its fund in their hands. In the last decade, more billions have been crept by them. Users get targeted in a couple of ways simple and sophisticated scams. Cybercriminal like airdrop scam, giveaway scam, rug pull, phishing swindle, or anything else, if you have a crypto owner then, is always a chance to take your funds.

Shiba Inu airdrop scam
Shiba Inu airdrop scam

Several times scammers used to offer free crypto to attract victims. If ever you get a massage to link your crypto wallet then first check that is it legitimate and trustworthy. If any social media celebrity asked you for an airdrop and giveaway, then confirm that is this profile verified. Any legal cryptocurrency never talks about your private key, so never ask for your secret passwords with anyone, even if they pursue you.

Mostly legitimate airdrops are free, so never pay if you get a message like this. If possible use two-factor authentication. If you are going to participate in any airdrop, first confirm its website, social media pages, and other information. When you get a link from the company airdrop carefully opened it. Phishers always give you high reward offers, never believe this kind of lewis offers. These small things can help you to save money.  You can also check out the below tweet to know about the Scam alert:

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Hope you understand everything about the new scammer Shiba Inu. Be careful about your crypto wallet and never give your personal information to others regarding the currency wallet. Otherwise, it can be drained. To know more information like it bookmarks our site

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