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Meme Coin Tamadoge’s Arcade Games in Beta – Apply Now to Join the Fun, Get Ready for TAMA Price Explosion

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Tamadoge, the meme coin backed by a deflationary token and play-to-earn game, is launching its first series of arcade games soon. Having successful completed their presale last year, Tamadoge aims to change the Web3 gaming and NFT landscape with innovative NFTs and engaging gaming experiences.

The team behind Tamadoge has been hard at work on the development of their game platform. The game will allow players to buy and earn NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which have different effects in the game depending on rarity level and type. The rarer an NFT is, the greater advantages it will give you within the games–including stats boosts that affect your character’s performance in battle or providing you with items necessary for progress.

The beta game is open for applications until tomorrow on the Tamadoge website, and beta testing will begin soon after and run for at least 5 days so they can provide feedback to improve the gaming experience prior to full launch. By joining early, you’ll be able to start building up your character’s stats before everyone else–giving you an advantage when the game fully launches.

In addition, TAMA token holders will have additional perks during gameplay–including exclusive NFTs, special bonuses for leveling up quickly, and other rewards that can be used in Tamadoge’s games. Not only that, but users will also benefit from potential price hikes as more people join and play the games, creating higher demand for TAMA tokens.

Four games will be initially released with more set to launch in the near future. Not only have these games been designed for maximum entertainment, but they also feature an integrated rewards and trading system based on community participation. Each game uses Tamadoge’s native meme coin cryptocurrency (TAMA), which will allow players to purchase in-game items or trade them openly. With TAMA tokens available at their fingertips, gamers can easily become part of a dynamic gaming economy.

In the upcoming game release, players will be able to acquire rare NFTs that come with exclusive stat boosts. These stats may range from higher attack or defense points to additional health points.

Tamadoge: a Classic Arcade-Style World

In the interactive world of Tamadoge players have the opportunity to collect and breed digital pets while collecting Dogepoints. As they progress through levels, users receive additional meme coin rewards in TAMA tokens that can be utilized within the game to purchase items or enhance their collection. At the end of each month those who have accumulated the most Dogepoints are awarded with even more free TAMA tokens.

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A Sneak Peak of the Tamadoge World

When the game loads, players will be transported to the vibrant Tama overworld where they can uncover hidden gems in each area as they play games and trade Tamadoge pets and in-game assets.

Tamadoge’s upcoming arcade games will have the mechanics of their gameplay enhanced by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The individual attributes that come with different NFTs can affect a variety of aspects within the game. Suppose you acquired an Ultra-rare NFT with luck as one of its defining characteristics; then your rare item drop rate would be elevated while playing the game you use it in.

Before each match begins, players will be able to choose their unique NFT creature companion–a Tamadoge. Each of these creatures has different abilities and attributes that make them more suitable for certain types of games than others; therefore, it’s important to take your time when selecting one.

Tamadoge Arcade’s free version is also an excellent way to hone your skills at no cost by viewing ads. However, only the paid version allows you to climb up the leaderboard to win prizes.

Players can gain an edge over their opponents by collecting NFTs during gameplay and receiving bonuses that allow them to level up quicker. Moreover, rare NFTs are attainable as rewards when certain in-game milestones are achieved.

With Great Utility Comes Great Replay-ability

Many have expressed their concerns regarding the lack of utility present in pre-existing meme coins, such as Shiba Inu. Without any real use cases, people are skeptical about SHIB’s potential to be a successful “Dogecoin Killer”. Fortunately, the Tamadoge team has taken this into consideration–creating an immersive gaming economy and community experience paired with a deflationary token that provides genuine value within its ecosystem.

Tamadoge experienced remarkable success with their presale in 2022, raising a staggering $19 million within merely eight weeks. Nevertheless, the bear market caused Tamadoge’s price to go down–just as it did for other projects. Fortunately for investors, bear markets present prime opportunities to invest in promising projects before they skyrocket once the bull run begins again.

As Tamadoge emerges from the bear market, bolstered by strong financial backing and its experienced team of developers, investor interest is likely only going to increase. The upcoming launch of its tantalizingly addictive arcade-style games promises to be yet another draw for potential investors heading into 2023–making it a potentially compelling meme coin investment option at this time.

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