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Make Money Investing in Crypto 2022 Toon Finance Dogecoin Shiba Inu Coin – CryptoMode

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Make Money Investing in Crypto 2022 Toon Finance Dogecoin Shiba Inu Coin – CryptoMode


Investing in cryptocurrency is the hottest new way to make money in the arena of digital assets. You can hold and maintain your digital wallet to withdraw your money at any point. Or, use the investment and profit in your private wallet to make a further profit. 

Anyone that invests in cryptocurrency does so to earn a profit. Hence, everyone within this digital arena will want to know how to make more money through their investments. 

Therefore, this guide will walk you through the best ways to make money investing in cryptocurrency.

  1. Make new investments early

Knowing which coins and digital assets will take off and give you the best return on investment can be challenging. However, if you hear good things about an asset and see it doing well in its very early stages, the best thing to do is to invest early. The sooner you invest in a new cryptocurrency, the cheaper you will buy it. In time, the value will increase, giving you a maximum profit margin.

You could transform your measly few cents into millions by investing early and taking a risk.

  1. Earn interest through staking

Staking is something not all investors know about or utilize. Staking involves earning interest on idle crypto coins, which would otherwise sit patiently in a private wallet. Why waste your coins if you can earn a little interest on them?

Although investors won’t make an incredible profit, it is still possible to earn a little bit more money by taking advantage of the potential interest.

  1. Hold your coins

For those interested in being laid-back with their investments yet still wants to make a profit, it is advised to enjoy long-term investments and hold them for some time. Doing so will allow investors to buy and own their coins for a long-term profit.

Holding a coin will ensure investors can avoid wild pricing swings and fluctuations. Yes, your coin might reduce in value for a while. But, as soon as it increases, you will see a great profit, which is a benefit of having patience. 

This method is best for beginners as it allows them to see the trends in coins and ensures they do not make too many mistakes, which is easily done through short-term and day trading investments.

  1. Start playing games

This tip isn’t in the metaphorical sense. It isn’t encouraging you to take advantage of companies or bluff. Instead, it means to play games in the literal sense. 

A lot of money can profit in the NFT gaming world. There are play-to-earn games on the market built on the blockchain network to allow investors to invest in in-game assets (such as weapons) and sell them for profit. Rewards are also attainable. These rewards could be free in-game assets, which can then be sold for profit.

Furthermore, investors can put their assets up against opponents. For instance, if an investor attains a digital pet as their asset, they can use it against another investor. Whichever digital pet wins will earn the owner money.

  1. Borrow crypto coins

It might sound strange, but it is possible to borrow crypto coins. To do so, an investor has to hand over a deposit. As a result, they will effectively borrow the coin from someone else (for a specified amount of time) to earn interest on the coin.

It is common to lend idle cryptocurrencies, which other investors are not bothered by or wish to stake. Therefore, an active and motivated investor can borrow them and earn a profit.

Likewise, you could be the lender and lend your coins to someone. You will gain a small profit through the transaction.

  1. Turn to day trading

As a cryptocurrency investor, it is possible to day trade. Day trading is not common but can be effective for quick and easy profit. 

Day trading with crypto can be fun if you choose the right coins. Your position in the market will fluctuate throughout the day, just like in the stock markets. You need to be active and focused to day trade with crypto, especially if you seek a high investment return. 


You can make small yet frequent returns with day trading. 

  1. All-in-one

You could benefit from an all-in-one platform for those who cannot make their minds up about which cryptocurrency investment route to take. Toon Finance Protocol is a platform where investors can exchange, trade, and play games to profit from crypto coins. Whether an investor is new to the cryptocurrency scene or has years of experience, an all-in-one platform provides ease and comfortability in earning a profit.

The Extreme DeFi platform is built by a team of market leaders & blockchain developers who aim to enhance an investor’s experience and profit through a decentralized exchange application platform. 

The benefit of using an all-in-one platform is that you can exchange and trade one day and play games the next. If you feel up to using your luck over strategy, you can join the Battle Space Grounds and join in with other players to have fun and attain a profit. You can climb leaderboards, enhance your digital wallet, and get to know more about crypto gaming.

Being one of the first 1,000 subscribers and players in the Battle Space Grounds can earn you an exclusive NFT Mintpass Airdrop, which enables you to attain a free asset that you can later hold or trade for profit. 

What’s great about using a platform like Toon Finance Protocol is that investors can join a community, learn about the latest profitable assets, and speak to like-minded people. This is ideal for beginners and advanced investors. 

To make money investing in cryptocurrency in 2022 isn’t rocket science. For some gains, it is about patience and knowledge. If investors can hold onto their digital assets because they know they will increase in value in the future, they can earn a substantial profit. Other assets are best to trade in the day market or risk through gaming. Using these tips, it is possible to increase profits and learn how to succeed effectively in cryptocurrency investments. 


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