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Cardano: New project to foster Web3 adoption in billion-$-market


Cardano: New project to foster Web3 adoption in billion-$-market

  • Web3 User Group has launched a new project, the Xmas NFT collection. The project aims to spread the knowledge of Web3 among the young and old.
  • The Group featured different educators in the Cardano ecosystem and some music tracks in the NFT collection.

On December 15th, @Soorajksaju2, a blockchain evangelist in a Twitter thread, announced a new project. The project aims to develop a safe environment where people can learn about Web3 technology.



Web3 User Group e.V. is the entity behind the latest project. The Group comprises members that are part of the Cardano community. This Group is a non-profit organization located in Germany.

The organization has two major goals. The first is to create an enabling environment where people can learn about Web3. Also, the organization supports IT education in developing countries through proceeds from its projects and donations. Thus, the members of the Group who are IT enthusiasts plan to make IT education will be available to people everywhere.

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Meanwhile, the Web3 User Group e.V. and @Naretoi_eV partnered to launch the Xmas NFT Collection project; it is the Group’s first project. Both entities plan to use proceeds from this project to fund a 4-week computer class for several young people in Talek and other parts of Kenya, including Masai Mara.

The fundamental concept behind the Xmas NFT series is to start a new practice in Wiernsheim, Germany. This practice will encourage adults and children to exchange Xmas NFT cards. Consequently, they will use the earnings from the NFT sales to sponsor IT education in developing countries. However, most of the persons involved know little about blockchain.

This project will help attract those with a negative attitude towards NFTs and blockchain. “Imagine ten years from now and a 20 years old person comes across a NFT Xmas cards from their relatives or friends. This was most likely their first interaction with the blockchain sector and #Cardano is making this happen,

the blockchain evangelist tweeted.

Users Have Until December 25 To Mint Their NFTs

Furthermore, the Web3 User Group featured different educators in the Cardano ecosystem in the NFT collection. Interestingly, the cards also contain some music tracks. Finally, @Soorajksaju2 called on individuals to support the project by minting NFTs and participating in the whole experience. Meanwhile, minting of the NFTs will begin on December 17th.

Furthermore, the sales of the NFT Xmas cards will be made randomly. This will be similar to buying Pokemon trading cards from a supermarket. Meanwhile, @Soorajksaju2 noted that this project’s policyID would expire on December 25th. Hence, users have until then to mint all their NFTs.

Any NFT not minted before and on that date will not exist. Apart from the awesome experience, holders of the Xmas NFT will get an airdrop of 3 GPS adventure passes and a 50% discount on all Trading Tent transactions. The blockchain evangelist concluded his tweet by saying Snapshot would be taken on December 26th. He also announced an NFT giveaway for his community.

Meanwhile, Trading Tent is a platform where two users can exchange Cardano-based assets in one transaction. However, both users must agree and sign before such a transaction occurs. Moreover, the platform does not require smart contracts, and there are no locked assets.

According to CoinGecko, Cardano (ADA) has been trading around the $0.2000 region. Despite predictions that ADA will surpass $5 in 2022, the market condition has been bearish in recent months. It is unlikely that the latest project would affect ADA’s price positively.

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