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Can Runfy Emerge As The Next Big Cryptocurrency After Solana And Axie Infinity?

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Can Runfy Emerge As The Next Big Cryptocurrency After Solana And Axie Infinity?

by December 4, 2022



Runfy (RNF) is a new crypto project that aims to promote user fitness and crypto earning. Its goal is to solve a real-world issue and help individuals in more ways than just earning extra income.

Given the current turbulence in the crypto community, Runfy (RNF) could help boost the low acceptance of cryptocurrency in the world. Can it emerge as the next big cryptocurrency after heavyweights like Solana (SOL) and Axie Infinity (AXS)? 

Reclaiming Your Health And Wealth With Runfy


Runfy (RNF) aims to provide a dual solution to its global user base — getting fit and earning crypto. The community-led platform calls on the world’s population to live a healthy lifestyle to battle prevalent health problems like obesity. It also plans to enable members to gain more crypto earnings throughout their fitness journey.

To achieve its goal, Runfy (RNF) employs the blockchain technology of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its mobile app is powered by smart contracts and incorporates several fitness tracking services and automated rewards.

Consequently, users can earn crypto rewards by performing various fitness activities like walking, jogging, running, and daily challenges. There are also rewards for users who achieve their weekly or monthly fitness goals.

In addition, Runfy (RNF) encourages health experts and fitness coaches to offer their services and health products to users on the platform.

The RNF native token fuels the Runfy platform. The token rewards users and facilitates purchases made on RunfyShop, the platform’s marketplace.

Other activities facilitated by the RNF token include counseling fees, marketing fees, tips, in-app token transfers, staking, and farming.

With these offerings, Runfy (RNF) could become a long-term project primed for immense success in the cryptocurrency market.

Solana Continues To Position Highly In The Crypto Market

Solana (SOL) is among the notable cryptocurrencies in the coin market. As a major rival to the Ethereum blockchain, the Solana network is notable for its energy efficiency, lightning-fast transactions across multiple blockchains, and lower network fees.

Solana (SOL) further expanded its utility into the NFT market. Consequently, it became a popular alternative to mint various NFTs on the blockchain. Its NFTs and NFT projects also experience high patronage and are among the high-performing projects in the NFT market. 

The native cryptocurrency, SOL, plays a major role in operating the Solana ecosystem. It facilitates smart contracts, transaction fees, and NFT and token trades.

Most importantly, the SOL token secures the Solana network through staking. It then rewards stakers with a portion of newly minted SOL tokens and transaction fees, depending on the amount of SOL tokens they staked. 

Axie Infinity Helped To Boost Crypto Gaming

You cannot talk about crypto gaming without mentioning the popular gaming platform, Axie Infinity (AXS). The platform is a play-to-earn trading and battleground owned partially by its players. Therefore, it allows players to collect, breed, train, and trade game creatures called Axies. Players can then sell their Axies and NFTs and redeem other in-game items in the marketplace.

The Axie Infinity ecosystem has its own ERC-20 governance token, called Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). The AXS token allows holders to vote on different proposals and contribute their opinions on using treasury funds. It also enables users to breed their Axies on the gaming platform. 

Axie Infinity is among the earliest P2E games and has garnered a wide following. Given its reputation as a top Ethereum-based game and its popularity in various countries, Axie Infinity (AXS) has undeniable market potential.


The upcoming Runfy (RNF) project aims to incorporate fitness with earning in the crypto space, thus diversifying the uses of cryptocurrencies. Given its real-world use case, Runfy (RNF) could become the next big cryptocurrency, following Solana (SOL) and Axie Infinity (AXS).

Visit these links below for more information on the ongoing Runfy (RNF) token presale.




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