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Investing in blockchain games: new GameFi projects

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Investing in blockchain games: new GameFi projects

The “play and earn” concept continues to attract new users to the blockchain game industry, increasing adoption of crypto-assets around the world.

Although the blockchain game industry boomed last year, it continues to evolve. Developers of new projects are coming up with intricate plots and issuing their own tokens to keep the game ecosystem running. Investments in the tokens of such projects can eventually bring profits, provided the game can attract users. Let’s take a look at three new GameFi projects whose tokens are now selling for the minimum price at the pre-sale stage.


Calvaria is a fantasy-style blockchain card game where battles take place in arenas set in a world based on Mexican mythology. The project is now going through its first pre-sale phase. The project’s own token can be purchased at minimal cost. A total of 30 million tokens are planned to be placed in the hands of investors at the first stage. In the near future, the developers want to release a more convenient mobile application for players. The token has a chance to grow in value significantly when listings start on exchanges.


The TAMA meme token is an instrumental token for the game Tamadoge. The concept of meme tokens is not new, but according to the developers, they took into account all the shortcomings of other similar projects by adding real-world uses for the token. At the pre-sale stage, the entire allocated volume of token was sold out ahead of schedule. The total amount of investment that was raised was $19 million. Now the developers will continue to follow the roadmap presented. The token is already trading on the OKX exchange and the creators of the project are in talks about starting trading on the Binance platform.

Battle Infinity

Another arena battle game. Creators are planning to launch several P2E-games and their own meta universe with full freedom of action. Players will be able to explore the virtual world, interact with other users and more. The plus side of the project is the opportunity to earn extra income by stacking IBAT – the project’s own token. There are several staking programs, among which crypto-investors will be able to choose the appropriate one. Pre-sale of the token ended ahead of schedule. A total of $5 million has been raised in the project. The token is already traded on several exchanges. In addition to investing in games, you can also consider investing in environmental and trading-related projects.

Snake for Crypto

8.Finance is positioning itself as a project that will attract the next billion new people to crypto by making their boarding safe and easy. To that end, the project has developed a game called “Snake for Crypto” where you can collect cryptocurrency on the playing field. In addition to earning money in the game, you can buy 8F tokens, which can grow strongly when the game is fully ready and able to attract maximum players.

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