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How to get free DBANK tokens. Grab your benefits from Big Airdrop


How to get free DBANK tokens. Grab your benefits from Big Airdrop

In this article, we go over the possibility that an airdrop occurs and walk you through how to claim DBANK token from DeBank.

What is DeBank Crypto?

DeBank is a crypto wallet that allows users to track their entire portfolio across multiple chains, as well as track DeFi applications, compare interest rates, manage assets, locate DeFi projects, analyze risks, and more. This wallet also enables users to perform token swaps for token exchanges and find investment opportunities through comprehensive real-time data.

DeBank Airdrop: How to Participate in the DBANK Airdrop?

DeBank is a great crypto project that has been operating since 2018. Rumor says that they’re about to drop an airdrop for their current users. How to be eligible for the DBANK token?

If DeBank was to throw an airdrop, it would most definitely be either of the below case scenarios:

  • Airdrop DBANK tokens to users who already used the platform
  • Airdrop DBANK tokens to users who whitelist themselves through doing quick social media tasks (sharing posts, adding their email, …)

If the second case scenario occurs, everyone can simply whiltelist themselves by doing simple social media tasks. However, if the former scenario happens, this is how to claim DBANK.

How to Claim DBANK token from DeBank

  1. Go to the DeBank website here
  2. Connect your DeFi wallet (how to create and connect Metamask wallet)
  3. Make at least one swap on the platform

Once you complete the above, you might be considered as an “active user”. In case DeBank decides to do any airdrop in the future, you’ll be secured at least to have a place in the aidrop. Nothing to lose!

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