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Top 4 Tips: How NOT to Become a Victim of Crypto Scam

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Top 4 Tips: How NOT to Become a Victim of Crypto Scam

The FBI has warned about ongoing scams. Here are the red flags to watch out for.

FBI specialists advise to make sure to check the information about the terms of investment, for example, on the official website of the crypto project. If the official resource has no information about “unique offers”, promotions, giveaways, which users learned about from a third-party source, then it means it is a fraud and an attempt to seize funds and a wallet.

Tip 1.

Under no circumstances should the seed phrase of the wallet be disclosed to third parties. Remember: the one who has the seed phrase has the wallet. Password managers are suitable for storing the seed phrase. To minimize the risk of leakage, it is desirable that they are not cloud-based, but installed on a personal device.

Tip 2.

It is necessary to study the experience of other crypto-investors – as a rule, someone has already encountered a similar situation and has already written a review. It is necessary to be especially cautious about promotions and drawings.

Tip 3.

If a user has already given their cryptocurrency to scam artists and wants to get their money back, they risk being scammed twice. Under the guise of a person who writes on the forum that he wants to help, scammers often turn out to be scammers.

Tip 4.

Even if the user is far from crypto-investments, but owns a YouTube channel, he can be a target for the attackers. It is necessary to ensure all necessary measures to protect the account. The email linked to the account must have two-factor authentication and a complex password that is regularly changed using a password manager. The devices from which the account is accessed must have the latest versions of operating systems installed, as well as anti-virus protections. And, of course, these security rules must be observed by all channel administrators.

Give preference to investing in projects that have a registered legal entity and a crypto license issued by the state. For example,

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