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How much BTC will be worth at the end of 2022

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How much BTC will be worth at the end of 2022

Axelrod is an analyst who successfully predicts the price of BTC using neural networks and cycle analysis.

Axelrod wrote:

By the end of the year, an interesting situation is forming on Bitcoin.

At the moment, the key resistance of $22,000 is in effect. The coming week will be decisive for the market dynamics and price fixing in 2022.

Now there is a formation stipulating the following price decrease to the area of $12,000. Buyers have less and less time to fix the situation.

Only at fixing the price above $22 000, a complicated formation will come into force, and by Christmas holidays we will be able to see the price dynamics up to $30 000.

Whatever the mood among the crypto community, I can confidently predict that 2023 will be a great opportunity to invest and enter the cryptos.



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