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Get More Rewards for Killing Zombies as Early Investor – CryptoMode

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Get More Rewards for Killing Zombies as Early Investor – CryptoMode

CryptoMode CyberCats

CyberCats is an awesome NFT Move-to-Earn game that will hit the market with its carefully crafted game mechanics, embedded AR technologies, and exciting earning system.

The Story

In 2084, almost all life died because of an atomic catastrophe. Mutation turned most people into zombies, and only cats could save the world. People equipped their pets with cyber limb parts, enabling them to help the survivors fight zombies.

Why play

Here are several reasons why the game CyberCats is going to be famous:

  • A fantastic way to get paid for something you already do every day – walking. Your movement is tracked by the app and converted into tokens.
  • A fun and social way to earn cryptocurrency, which is growing in popularity these days. Make teams, fight zombie together, and earn tokens.
  • Valuable in-game assets like CyberCats and Cyberlands that can be rented or sold afterward.

The official CyberCats website is now running a private sale that allows anyone interested to invest in the project at an early stage.

Early investors will get a unique collection of CyberCats and their Cyberlands.


Limited CyberCats are more advanced: stronger, more dexterous, and consequently more valuable in the Marketplace where users can rent, sell or buy CyberCats and Cyberlands. In addition, they have a unique look and coloring.

The more advanced the cat, the greater the return on investment.


Cyberland is where the cat lives and consists of three floors: the attic, living room, and basement.

The features of exclusive Cyberlands are:

  1. Quick health and energy regeneration.
  2. Robot trainer to passively boost the CyberCat’s performance.
  3. Various interactive games to play.

Be one of the first to get an exclusive limited CyberCat and earn faster than all!

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