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Top 3 Play To Earn Crypto Games In 2022

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Top 3 Play To Earn Crypto Games In 2022

You haven’t played them yet? Maybe that’s why you’re not on the Forbes list yet.

In 2022, you can actually play games to earn crypto. Yep, that’s money. Real world money.

In these crypto games, you own your game items as non-fungible tokens. Not only can you sell or trade these in game items if you want, but they can also potentially appreciate in value based on the game’s future.

The web3 enthusiasts are all over it. These play to earn games are popping up like wildfire. They’re getting bigger and better all the time, and the gaming industry is watching.

Great Games, Free to Play

The really cool thing about play to earn crypto games is that because they make their money off people who want to own game assets, everyone else can usually enjoy the game for free.

We’re talking about AAA quality games that are free to play for anyone, all thanks to the landowners and the NFT owners, who make handsome rewards themselves.

Hard to Spot the Best

As with many new trends that move as quickly as the NFT space, it’s sometimes hard to tell which projects will withstand the test of time.

The key when looking for the top play to earn crypto games is to watch them as early as you can. These crypto projects tend to be a lot more transparent in their development than many other more traditionally developed games.

Also, just like traditional video games, some games that are in development will never take off. You want to invest your time and money in games that you have faith in. Your play to earn rewards from a crypto game won’t mean much if no one wants to buy them ever.

Best Play to Earn Games

In the rest of this article, we’ll go through a top 8 best crypto games list of projects with NFT ownership and blockchain technology. Some play to earn games are upcoming crypto games that won’t be released until later this year, but all of them are worth your attention. Getting in early is great in play to earn crypto games.

Nothing is guaranteed, and while NFTs with utility tend to appreciate in value, many projects that offer nearly unlimited supply NFTs just don’t give other players any incentive to pay more for them when it comes time for you to sell your game assets.

In this world, scarce is good.

#1. Axie Infinity

Coming in last place on our top 8 play to earn games list is Axie Infinity, the collectible NFT breeding and battling game on the Ethereum blockchain.

A lot of long time players of Axie have accumulated a lot of wealth and digital assets, which means to be competitive new players may have to invest some resources into this crypto game.

You can still earn a lot of in game currency playing Axie, and just because it’s a well established crypto game doesn’t mean the ship has sailed.

Players in Axie Infinity raise, collect, and breed ridiculous creatures call Axies which are digital assets represented as NFTs. You can battle players with your Axies or buy and sell new bloodlines on the game’s marketplace.

You’ll be rewarded for winning battles, but the game focuses on breeding and collecting Axies.

Some of the most valuable Axies out there have sold for an objectively ludicrous amount of money.


  • Stood the test of time
  • Loyal player base
  • Active market


  • Asset value has fallen greatly
  • Game isn’t very fun
  • Hard to get started


#2. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is another trading card game crypto game with NFT trading cards, but it’s very different from Gods Unchained.

Instead of turn-based gameplay, it’s a drafting game. Both players are presented with a set of rules, then they have 2 minutes to pick a team of monsters from their collection. That team then goes to automatic battle against the other player’s team.

Through daily quests, you can earn a nice supply of NFT cards every day, as well as some of their governance token.

Since cards=power, obviously people who put in an initial investment in Splinterlands will get a better start, but many players just grind up over time and do fine.

Overall, the game has one of the smoothest onboarding experiences in crypto games, and it’s well out of beta play. Today, it’s probably one of the top paying play to earn crypto games.


  • Easy to learn, strategic challenge
  • Simple to get started
  • Lots of ways to get involved and earn rewards


  • Asset value has dropped
  • Created by crypto people, not game people

#1. Town Star

For number 3 on this list of the top play to earn crypto games 2022, let’s talk about Town Star, from Gala Games.

A new head of the project was recently brought on who was the former game director of Command and Conquer 2: Red Alert, as well as Farmville.

The game started as a simple weekly competition. Every player chooses an area in the world, then they spend as much time as they can to build the most productive town possible with their 16×16 area.

If you think you’re really good at these kinds of games, try your hand in a competition. You may find yourself with a healthy balance in your crypto wallet from it.

In May 2022, $2 million was given away to Town Star players, so it’s worth it to be good.


  • Game has been playable for 2 years
  • Easy for collectors to earn
  • Fun and relaxing play


  • Game still incomplete
  • Limited ways to earn
  • Not enough to do with TOWN

Enjoy Your Play to Earn Experience

Remember, if you’ve caught onto the crypto game world and play to earn gaming already, then you’re still an early adopter– a pioneer.

Watching and playing these early winning examples will give you a keen sense of what to look out for when trying to spot the best ones of 2023, 2024, and long into the future. Play to earn crypto is just the start. Who knows where the future will lead?

This is just the start of blockchain technology enabling genuine ownership and game rewards… often even for free to play players. This shift from traditional video games will enrich the lives of gamers all over the world. Doesn’t it feel good to be part of the revolution?

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